luni, 5 octombrie 2009

Leo's Song

Leo's Song from impactist on Vimeo.

"When a geometric visitor from another planet becomes your new roommate and shares with you the tragic state of its home world, you drop your guitar and see what you can do."

sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2009

Zero 7 - Everything Up

New music "Everything Up" featuring Henry Binns from the forthcoming album "Yeah Ghost."

more on Myspace

luni, 21 septembrie 2009

Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe

Album: A Million Miles From Home

Cinnamon Chasers on Last.Fm

miercuri, 16 septembrie 2009

All that is solid melts into the air

All that is solid melts into the air

Under a violent irruption of forms and structures, everything flows towards a constant evolution. “All that is solid” is a visual and poetic journey influenced by art, design, architecture and photography.

Design / Direction / Animation - Kultnation
Sound Design - Echolab

luni, 14 septembrie 2009

"Dorian Gray" TRAILER

joi, 10 septembrie 2009

The Studio

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it

Devendra Banhart - Inaniel

"Cuando Dios se rie de mi alma, Cuando el sol calienta el agua"

Black & White

Moments in black & white from all over the world by Josef Hoflehner

joi, 3 septembrie 2009

vineri, 28 august 2009

New atmosphere

luni, 24 august 2009

A Promise to return.

Bear McCreary feat. Supernova String Quartet - A Promise To return.

These days I'm on symphonic mode: Chopin, Phillip Glass & Bear McCreary. And yeah, I'm a big fan of Battlestar Galactica.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead a sleepyyyheeeaaadd, sleepyheeeeaaadd

duminică, 23 august 2009

Ryan McGinley

"I Know Where the Summer Goes"
by Ryan McGinley

sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

Metamorphosis 1

Metamorphosis 1 by Philip Glass


"Outside is pure energy and colorless substance, all of the rest happens through the mechanism of our senses. Our eyes see just a small fraction of the light in the world. It is a trick to make a colored world, which does not exist outside of human beings "

by Albert Hofman, the discoverer of LSD

miercuri, 19 august 2009

Let yourself feel.

Designed by Esteban Diácono, this peaceful animation project is inspired by the music of Olafur Arnalds - Ljósið.

"there is nothing in a catterpilar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly"

"do not break the silence"

"you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star"

"remember quiet nights"

"burn down your bridges"

"think outside the box"

"let yourself feel"

Dominique A

Dominique A - Le Courage des Oiseaux

Wow! A great live performance.

3 way kiss

luni, 17 august 2009

Let's sit together.

How many friendships would result if all the people who ate alone sat together?

duminică, 16 august 2009

Gustav - We shall overcome

Gustav(Eva Jantschitsch) produces songs on the laptop, plays all kinds of instruments and "sings with the sort of inimitable power you cannot muster up any resistance to". With an origin in vienna, gustav's tunes are in various languages,sometimes English, sometimes French, sometimes German – " but the appeal ist completely universelle "

@ Sirnaville

A peaceful day at Sirnaville

luni, 10 august 2009

Underwater Opera

Diving experience during project "Escape to Nature".

vineri, 31 iulie 2009

duminică, 26 iulie 2009

Saiman Chow

French Kiss bt Saiman Chow

Tron Legacy (2011) Trailer

Tron Legacy

A virtual-world worker looks to take down the Master Control Program.

vineri, 24 iulie 2009

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

A great stop motion video from Coldplay.

miercuri, 22 iulie 2009

The Ink Calendar

The Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

"Ink Calendar" make use the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper to indicate time.

The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are "printed" daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. A calendar self-updated, which enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it.

Jesus was a Rockstar.

Jesus was a Rockstar.

Music Painting

Music Painting by JUL & MAT from JUL & MAT

Metronomy - On the Motorway (2009)

duminică, 12 iulie 2009

Ruarri Joseph

Ruarri Joseph - More Than Most
from the album "Both Side Of The Coin" (2009)

"Ruarri Joseph is a singer/songwriter based in Newquay, Cornwall. He was signed to Atlantic Records, and released his debut album Tales of Grime and Grit in mid-2007 on the label." (from Wikipedia)

Genre: Acoustic / Folk / Alternative

Ruarri Joseph on myspace

Sam Robinson

I wish I was a surfer.

Cape Town, South Africa

luni, 6 iulie 2009

SURFACE : A Film from Underneath

"SURFACE is an experimental film, exploring the emotional journey from an underground urban perspective.
This 'urban symphony' transforms human actions and street objects into beats that harmoniously compose a grand audio and visual composition. The film emphasizes the ideas of ‘point of contact’, ‘human identity’ and notion of ‘live footprints’. "

Underwater by Elena Kalis

WOW!!! Elena Kalis aka sugarock is by far the most amazing underwater photographer that I've ever seen.

marți, 30 iunie 2009

Theresa Andersson - Birds Fly Away

At 2:55 I realized I was fallin' in love with her. That's why it's called Music Experience.

Theresa Andersson on myspace


Nitrada is electronic musician and sound designer Christophe Stoll, based in Hamburg, Germany. The songs are from the album "We don't know why but we do it". Enjoy!

Nitrada on Virb

Nitrada on

Nitrada - We don't know why but we do it

Nitrada -Everything is not alright

duminică, 28 iunie 2009

Growing Up Infographic

This amazing infographic it's made by Jr. Canest, student of Vancouver Film School (VFS).

Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. (more on wikipedia )

Holi - the Festival of Colors

"On 11th March, people in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. "

more pictures here

vineri, 26 iunie 2009

The Subways - Rock`N`Roll Queen

"Be my, be my, be my little
rock and roll queen

Bjork and son

Bjork and son, Iceland (2003)

Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller on wikipedia

miercuri, 24 iunie 2009

The Mp3 Experiment

"Over 2,000 people of all ages downloaded the same mp3, pressed play at the same time, and had a blast together. "

They seem to have a lot of fun. Something that you can't find in Bucharest.

Marc Johns

"Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. Whether it’s a man with branches growing out of his head that need pruning, or a pipe that’s trying to quit smoking, his characters are simply, sparsely drawn, yet speak volumes with just a few strokes of the pen. He's been drawing since he was tiny. He's not tiny anymore, but he's not exactly big either. Marc is not sure why he's talking about himself in the third person..."

Air-Electric Performers

Yesterday I found this amazing video from Air. "Electric Perfomers" is the name of the song from the album 10,000 Hz Legend (2001), please enjoy it.

luni, 22 iunie 2009

Firekites - Autumn Story

Firekites - Autumn Story

A nice stop motion music video directed by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber.

Firekites on myspace

marți, 16 iunie 2009

Jamiroquai - Seven Days in Sunny June

"Drinkin' wine and killin' time, Sitting in the summer sun".

joi, 11 iunie 2009

Matt and Kim - "LESSONS LEARNED"

Brooklyn's band Matt and Kim strip down in NY. Original music video with an unexpected end.

luni, 8 iunie 2009

Sigur Ros - A Take Away Show

Sigur Ros - Við spilum endalaust - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque

Sigur Ros intr-o cafenea din Paris.

duminică, 7 iunie 2009

Polaroids by Neil Krug

Vintage pictures by Neil Krug.

Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald

Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald performing "Dancing on the Ceilling" and "Too Close For Comfort" (this one is my fav)....for a lazy Sunday morning

miercuri, 3 iunie 2009

Lost & Found

hahahaha....Lost & Found, un superb scurt metraj. Enjoy.


Dupa parerea mea, e necesar sa delimitam spatiul de relaxare de spatiul de lucru. Ar fi si mai benefic daca am avea doua camere separate - asta daca spatiul locuintei ne permite - o camera de lucru si un dormitor, de unde sa eliminam cat mai mult din obiectele electronice.

La Nocturn - Daedelus

Daedelus is back! with a new hypnotic, dreamy track - La Nocturn - from the ep Friends of Friends. I've been listening to it over and over again the past two days and the sound is simply amazing.

luni, 1 iunie 2009

One and Three Chair

Designed by Eric Ku, this "One and Three Chair" is an interesting piece of art made by letters. A nice typographical concept.

duminică, 31 mai 2009

Micatone - Sweet Child

Micatone - Sweet Child

Some jazz...with Micatone, a German acid jazz/ nu jazz band.

sâmbătă, 30 mai 2009

"Nothing is Original."

"Nothing is Original."

vineri, 29 mai 2009

Milosh - Then it Happened

Milosh - Then it Happened

"I clicked the link and watched, and as I sat there taking in what she created this feeling of happiness started to pour through me." Milosh

Am vrut sa scriu ceva complicat despre muzica lui Milosh, insa tot ce compune el e atat de simplu si frumos incat nu are rost sa complici lucrurile.

Milosh - You Make Me Feel

Sorry I’m Late

A nice short film made by Tomas Mankovsky.

There's lots of making of-stuff on the website.

miercuri, 27 mai 2009

STIMMING-The Loneliness

STIMMING-The Loneliness

Martin Stimming, on his real name, is a minimal techno artist from Hamburg.

More about Stimming on Last.FM and myspace

marți, 26 mai 2009


O campania publicitara de strada, foarte inteligenta, pentru o asociatie de sprijinire a copiilor din Australia. Sper ca au folosit hartie reciclata.

luni, 25 mai 2009

Modjo - Lady

Modjo - Lady

Nu stiu cum, nu stiu de ce, dar melodia asta mi-a ramas in cap de foarte mult timp si de fiecare data cand o ascult imi da o stare foarte oraculara.

duminică, 24 mai 2009

Family portrait

Nice Family Portrait by Kevin N. Murphy

sâmbătă, 23 mai 2009

"The Girl And The Robot" - Röyksopp

"The Girl And The Robot" from Röyksopp. This is the second single off "Junior" featuring Robin on vocals.

vineri, 22 mai 2009

Raz Ohara

Raz Ohara and The Odd Orchestra - Kisses

"Patrick Rasmussen, aka Raz Ohara, is something of an underground superstar...." (

listen also to Agony

David Shrigley

Who I am and what I want by D.S.

Pe David Shrigley l-am descoperit in Paris, atunci cand am cumparat Evil Thoughts (22 de Postcarduri printre care si "Orgy is Interrupted by Earthquake"). Imi place foarte mult ceea ce face si vorba unui prieten : Omul are o minte bolnava....intr-un sens bun.

marți, 19 mai 2009

R.U.S.E. Trailer

Nu prea ma joc eu pe alde PC sau orice alta platforma, insa trailerul noului joc de la Ubisoft, R.U.S.E., pare foarte reusit.

vineri, 27 martie 2009

Happy / Marc Johns

Wish you a Happy Weekend!



"An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world--a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler. "(imdb)

Pe 16 Octombrie va avea loc premiera, ceea ce va fi perfect pentru un film de vazut in perioada Craciunului.

"Inside all of us is ADVENTURE"

miercuri, 25 martie 2009

Encre - Try Again

"Yann Encre (on MySpace) is a great paradox. In France, no one can really put him into any category. Yann’s music encompasses Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel’s songwritings, Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan’s folk, Rachel’s neo-classicism, Nico’s bewitching melodies, Lee Hazlewood’s gloomy arrangements and organic electronica’s preciseness." (Last. FM)

Encre- Try Again

Bêtes de mode

“Bêtes de mode” (Fashion Animals), a project made by HELMO for the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Nice work!

luni, 23 martie 2009

Jamiroquai - Corner Of The Earth

"This corner of the earth is like me in many ways..."

...for the good old times.

marți, 17 martie 2009

Morning Comes

When my Mornin' Comes Around

luni, 16 martie 2009

Update on Erik de Vahl

Erik De Vahl - Got it All

This one is nicer!